Experiment - writing with outlines not prose

OK this is a bit of a weird content experiment. Please bear with me

  • I’ve been wanting to figure out how to write more, in general

  • You might know that writing one of these essays, when I do it for real, is like several hours of work

  • Thus, playing around with the idea that constraints are helpful for writing shorter, but more often

  • tweets are are the most obvious example with short characters

  • many other different types of constraints might work too

  • couple ideas

  • the downside of this is that it’s a little weird to read

  • the upside argument is that there’s been a lot of social media type innovations that have just come from making content creation much easier even if theoretically as a viewer you’d prefer something different. Ephemeral content — like Snapchat and Stories — is the obvious example

  • Tbh this is my first time writing like this. Not sure it actually is making me write faster. But it’s a little weird and interesting. It definitely saves me from wasting time on transitions between topics

  • Other idea I’ve been thinking about is to take a couple big umbrella topics and then writing very long megaoutlines underneath them, and blogging away. Especially with stories and so on

  • Example: Viral growth

    • What is viral growth - buzz and word of mouth, versus viral loops

    • Building Viral loops

    • Piggybacking on an existing platform

    • Viral factor

    • Optimizing loops

      • A/B testing

      • Landing pages

      • Optimizing each step

      • Invites

      • Increasing # of recipients — all at once, versus over time

  • Anyway, you get the picture. Each one of these sections could be its own blog post, and then I could link to stuff. Could be fun

  • OK - more to come.

Thanks for humoring me on this weird new format!