Vintage photos of Scooters, VR, Electric Cars, and Coding

Dear readers,

Last week in Austin. Doing a couple social things the last week I’m here before I head to LA. And eating a lot of tacos and BBQ.

Wanted to quickly share along a couple fun photos of old tech. Always enjoy stuff like this, because it’s a vivid reminder that we’ve been working on this stuff for decades now. And that when someone in the modern age “invents” something new, it’s really building on ideas from way back.

Anyway, take a look and hope you enjoy!

-Andrew from Austin :)

First, scooters back in 1910! The postal service tried them out to deliver mail:

Second, selfies in 1912. Doing it the old way:

Third, this is what coding used to look like. Punchcards on punchcards. 1955.

Fourth: Electric car, 1914. Thomas Edison (!) with his Detroit Electric. Could hit 25 mph with a range of 80 miles:

Finally, here’s the original VR headmounted display. Hilarious. 1968.